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The twenty percent territories of Azerbaijan are under Armenian occupation and every Muslim in the world must be concerned of this fact said Haji Allahshukur Pashazadeh, head of the Caucasus Muslim Board at two-day international conference ‘Solidarity of Islamic Communities’ opened in Baku on Tuesday with organization support from the CCB and the Culture Center of Iranian embassy in Baku, reports.

The key objective of the event was study of issues linked with the search of ways of rapprochement among different trends of Islam and prevention of attempts for use of the religion as an ideology of terror. Attending the forum were employees of the embassies of the Islamic countries accredited in Azerbaijan, as well as representatives from Islamic communities of Georgia, Uzbekistan, Iran, muftis from different regions of Russia and heads of the religious confessions existing in the country.

Cleric leader of the Caucasus said there were many people in different parts of world using Islam for their bad intention. He called to struggle against those and not to allow those create division within the religion and go against the ideas of Islam which are brotherhood and peace.Chairman of OCM Haji Allahshukur Pashazade addressing the conference, said that the goal is to achieve the solidarity of Muslims.

A.Pashazade also stated that the conference has no link with the political matters. The Sheikh underlined the possibility of solving some problems in a number of Muslim countries by means of solidarity and union. He emphasized that Azerbaijan can be an example to most countries concerning religious tolerance and solidarity:” For instance, we can unite for struggling against Wahhabism. Wahhabis are busy in harmful activity by committing terror acts today.

Dagestan is one of the territories facing much more terror acts now”.

Touching on the Garabagh problem, the Sheikh stressed that none of Azerbaijanis will consent to the occupation of 20% territories of his country.
Secretary General of International Academy of Reconcile of Islamic Faiths Mahammad Ali Taskhiri also addressed the conference, stressing the importance of solidarity of Islam followers. According to him, Muslim countries face a lot of problems due to the lack of this solidarity: “I believe that, this conference will be of great importance in the solidarity of Muslims”. “During centuries Azerbaijan is fore post of Islam in the region and the world community appreciates tolerant social environment formed in the country,” Ilham Aliyev, the Azerbaijani President, wrote in the message to the participants of the 2-day international conference on solidarity of Islam communities. The message says that the Azerbaijani nation always demonstrated adherence to Islam and made their contribution on the enrichment of the Islam civilization. The current problems could be solved within the global program voiced by former President Heydar Aliyev at the international symposium ‘Islam civilization in the Caucasus’.

خدا رو شکر ما این کنفرانسها و همایشها رو داریم وگرنه چیکار می کردیم ؟

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