Our headscarf is our honour

جمعه 4 شهریور‌ماه سال 1384 ساعت 11:01 ق.ظ

خوب ظاهرا من باید در نگرشم به زنان اذربایجانی تجدبد نظر کنم در اینترنت گردیها و جستجو برای اخبار مربوط به  زنان یه این خبر نه چندان داغ برخوردم
Sunday, June 27, 1999

Human rights activists in Azerbaijan have been celebrating a high court ruling that allows Islamic women to wear headscarves when being photographed for passports and official documents.

The case was brought by a group of women against a government agency, the Department for Visas and Registration, which had refused to accept their passport photographs.

Another member of the defence team, Elmina Jeprahilava of Azerbaijan's Centre for the Defence of Human Rights, described the ruling as an important step on the path towards democracy.

The case was initiated by a group of ten Islamic women, who adopted the slogan "Our headscarf is our honour".

Two thousand women signed a petition supporting their case.

The case has opened up a debate in Azerbaijan on whether the Koran, correctly interpreted, obliges women to cover their heads or not.

Historically, the country is predominately Shiite Muslim, but most city dwellers largely lost touch with their religion during 70 years of Soviet rule.

Islamic traditions are returning thanks partly to missionaries from Iran and the Arab states, but political leaders look most closely to the Turkish model of a Muslim people but a secular state.

واقعا چرا ما زنها مجبوریم برای استفاده از حق انسان ازاد و مختار همه چی رو از فیلتر قانون ( که طبعا اقایون هستند ) بگذرونیم و تازه اونهم به زور, قبلا با جنگ و دعوا و کشت و کشتار و جدیدا با اعتراض و پتیشن ...ای خدا

ولی به هر حال این حرکت و به نتیجه رسیدنش دست مریزاد داره

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