پخش زنده جام جهانی

Into the new millennium

جمعه 8 مهر‌ماه سال 1384 ساعت 10:11 ق.ظ

2000 - Assassination attempt on Karabakh President Arkadiy Gukasyan fails. Samvel Babayan, Karabakh's former defence minister, is jailed for 14 years for masterminding attack.

اینجا امدن ما به باکو از قلم افتاده   

Azerbaijan becomes full member of Council of Europe, though council officials criticise it over human rights record.

US-brokered talks on Nagorno-Karabakh, held between Azerbaijani and Armenian presidents, end without result.

US lifts aid ban, imposed during Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, after Azerbaijan provides airspace and intelligence after 11 September attacks.

Talks between five Caspian countries on ownership of the sea continue all year but are inconclusive. Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey reach agreement on oil and gas pipelines linking Caspian fields with Turkey.

Azerbaijan officially shifts to the Latin alphabet for the Azeri language, the fourth alphabet
change in a century.

اما هنوذ بیشتر مردم و بخصوص خانمها ترجیح میدند روسی حرف بزنند و بنوبسند هر چند که مکاتبات رسمی به زبان اذری باید یاشه

2002 May - Pope John Paul II makes his first visit to
Azerbaijan and appeals for an end to religious wars.

2002 August - Referendum on amendments to constitution said to get strong support from voters. Critics allege irregularities, say poll is ruse to allow president to hand over power to his son.

2002 September - Construction work starts on multi-billion-dollar pipeline to carry Caspian oil from Azerbaijan to Turkey via Georgia.

Political succession

2003 August - Aliyev appoints his son, Ilham, as prime minister.

2003 October - Ilham Aliyev wins landslide victory in presidential poll said by observers not to reach international standards. Opposition protests met with police violence; hundreds arrested.

2003 December - Heydar Aliyev dies in a US hospital, aged 80. He was being treated for heart and kidney problems.

یکی از باشکوه ترین , منظم ترین و دیدنی ترین تشییع جنازه ای که تاریخ به خودش دیده بود برگزار شد البته  در مقایسه با مراسم سال 68میشه گفت هیچ بود

2005 March - Thousands mourn after journalist Elmar Huseynov, an outspoken critic of the authorities, shot dead in

2005 May - Western diplomats voice concern after police use force to prevent opposition rally in Baku on eve of opening ceremony for Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipleine.

سعی میکنم از اینجا به بعدشو مرتب بنویسم اگه این تنبلی بذازه
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